Firefox starts with previous tabs/session

Whenever I start a Zorin15 computer and then start Firefox, the previous sessions tabs come up. Its as though some session restore function is enabled, it isnt.
I read somewhere but can no longer find it, a way to stop this using the Firefox config facility, can anyone point me at it please?

This happens with 2 different laptops and 2 different desktops so is not an individual machines problem.

I believe you can get get to the config area by typing about:config in the address bar.

Turtle I know that, I couldnt remember what to change.

Here we go found it

Belay that, it hasnt worked the same things happening with both or either of those enabled/disabled.
Anyone an idea what causes this please, it started about 3 or 4 months ago, also the ABP addon stopped working in private browsing at approx the same time.

Are you signed in on Firefox Sync on the upper right side?

No Im not signed in I never have done.

I just spent some time researching this issue.
I have not found anything helpful.
I have found a lot of near-related and very interesting things about FireFox and Ubuntu...

Usually, the saved session of Firefox is under settings > General > Startup > Open Previous Tabs and Windows

Otherwise, signing in on FireFox syn can cause settings, preferences, tabs etc to be remembered.
I'm already stumped. It's probably something simple...

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There is a setting in most of the browsers that after a launch, start where you left off. Turn that off everything will be fine. The session restore function is different btw.

Thanks for the suggestions Chaps.

Aravisian, I spent a fair while on it myself, I wish it was simply the tab to open previous tabs/windows thats the first thing I looked at when people reported this problem, unfortunately not.

ghostadministrator, it isnt the "start where you left off" feature, I am aware what session restore is, Firefox appears to be getting the info as to which tabs to open on startup from elsewhere.

I am completely stumped on this. A fresh install of firefox and its associated startup /user thingy makes no difference. This along with a lot of awful changes to firefox in the past year or two has decided me to find another browser. The only thing I can see as a negative is firefox has lots of very useful add ons that I put with every installation, mostly blocking and privacy things.
I have tried removing all the add ons, still the same tabs are remembered on a restart of the computer.

It "feels"as if firefox "thinks" there was a crash at shutdown.

Has anyone a favoured alternative that they use which ordinary firefox users will find simple to convert to please.

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The browser problem is often discussed on the forum:
The problem is that many browsers are available and they are all based on the few.
These browsers are a product - and since you do not pay for these products out of your wallet, they find other ways to pay for themselves.
Ordinarily, I would suggest a Firefox-based browser. But even Waterfox was sold to a Marketing Company and is no longer what it once was.
Ultimately, you may end up trying on many different suggested browsers and finally tolerating / accepting one... Because you have to.

I was hoping that a recent change/product had produced a new go to browser I was unaware of. I shall review the discussions and try a few, thank You for Your sage words.
Back to the original problem, I had noticed an update a while ago has set all the various firefox installations defaults to open previous tabs/windows at startup of firefox, it was around then this problem started.
It only happens at startup of the computer rather than startup of firefox, could there be something in the OS that "thinks" the browser crashed and is causing this behaviour, I will explore that.

How is Firefox installed (snap, flatpak, apt)? Are you using a configuration file for settings to implement changes on multiple computers in a network? You may want to check the javascript file if you are.

Did you use purge when removing Firefox (if by terminal). If installed by apt, this will remove the ff config file (which may have been left behind by the apt remove command). Reinstating them if reinstalled.

A fresh install of ff should not have this enabled by default. Are you getting it from the official channels?

I hope some of this was helpful in resolving the issue.

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I use apt to install.
I am not networking them, each is done individually.
I made sure the ff config file was also removed.
I am getting the official download.

I have removed Z15 on one PC and put Z16 in its place, that one is working fine with Firefox, I may just move them all to Z16 if I can persuade the users, one still has W7 on hers as multiboot, she likes the scanner/printer dialogue boxes . Any changes dont go down at all well with anyone. Im starting to dislike computers and work on steam engines and record players for relief.

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We will get along just fine...

Aravisian, Having just moved 2 tons of coal by myself, maybe record players for the rest of this winter.

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