Firefox web pages displaying very tight line spacing

I may need to ask this on a Firefox forum, but everyone has been very helpful here, so I thought I would give it a try on the Zorin forum.

I find that some web pages on Linux are displaying different from how they do in Windows. Specifically, the line spacing is so tight that there is virtually no space between the bottom of one line of text and the top of the line of text below it. Obviously this makes reading problematic.

This is not universal for all pages. However, just now I observed this on The line spacing is just fine when viewed in FF running under Windows.

Any suggestions? Thanks, Ed

With a little more research, I think this has to do with minimum font size in Firefox.

I use eBay quite a lot and have noticed no difference on FireFox (Currently, I am using Vivaldi browser and have replaced FF completely with it).
Can you check what version of FF you have running? In terminal

firefox --version

Have you checked under Tools > Options > Fonts?

Thanks for the suggestion. Changing minimum font size to none fixed the problem. I am going to check out the Vivaldi browser. Thanks!