Firefox window becoming transparent

Hi everyone,

Currently using an up-to-date Zorin OS Pro 16.1 and Firefox 99.0.

For an unknown reason, Firefox's window becomes transparent when I open it on a bare desktop, only the outline is visible. I can move it around but its content is no longer accessible. Closing the window and reopening it does not resolve the issue. On the other hand, opening the Firefox window in front of another application's window allows it to be displayed correctly.

Would anyone have experienced this bug and know how to resolve it? Should you need additional information about my current configuration, please let me know.

Hi @Enitio, welcome to the forum!
I have been using Zorin for last than a year, but never faced something like that. Does your pc has a nvidia graphics card? I can tell you from my own experience that they can be a really annoying problem.

Since Zorin is based on ubuntu, some issues can be fixed just like in ubuntu.
Looking for your problem online, I found the page bellow:

See if it helps!


Hi @Voluntario, thank you very much for your early reply and advice. That is indeed correct: my laptop does have an nvidia card. Will check the link you kindly provided and try out the suggested solutions and let you know if if worked.

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Hi @Voluntario,

just wanted to give you a feedback further to your providing a helpful link. Following the advice found in AskUbuntu thread, I switched from nvidia's latest proprietary driver (510) to the previous available one (470) and it seems to have done the trick so far, pending further testing. Have not tested with the X.Org's Nouveau driver yet but I will if something weird happens. Only today did I apply this change. Will repost if I notice the issue persists.

Thank you again for directing me towards this forum.


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It's great that helped @Enitio (and welcome to Zorin)! Can you please mark @Voluntario 's answer as the solution for this topic (just housecleaning)? Thanks!


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