Firefox Window Glitch

Hello, I would like to tell you something, after login the account, they proceed to desktop, after few seconds later, the Firefox open automatically with window glitch. Can you please help me?

Heres the link:

Specific Computer:
CPU: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N2800
Hard Disk: ST9500325AS
Laptop: Lenovo Ideapad S110
OS: Zorin OS 15.2 Lite

I am afraid no one can access the file you uploaded. Access denied. It is better to paste the image directly in the message if you can.

Did you shut your machine while Firefox is still open? Then it is normal for the Firefox to restore the previous state.

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Yes, i did

And what do you mean by the Firefox glitch?
For me, it looks like the latest Firefox 89 with a rounded tab design (which some like and others hate).

I like the new firefox... :slight_smile:

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My Typical fix is Clean ReInstall, but don't forget to make backup files.