Firefox's window resize/minimize

Hello guys. Is there a way to set the right click button to minimize my Firefox window? In Gnome Tweaks I set this, all the windows work to it but Firefox. I'd be really grateful if someone could help me.
Love you guys

Have you tired

gsettings set click-action 'minimize-or-previews'

If Firefox exclusively is not honoring the Minimize on click, then you may need to check Firefox's settings.
You can first try adding the titlebar:
Open Settings, then Customize Toolbar
Check the box for Titlebar at the very lower left.

The command didn't work. I will try adding titlebar

Happened on which website?

All websites. The address doesn't seem to matter, the problem is directly related to Firefox, I think

I will suggest a Reinstall or a Browser Switch :smile:

I don't have this issue, FF opens exactly how I close it.

But as I keep telling everyone, if you're using the one pre-installed, uninstall it. Don't use any of the ones in the software store either.

Go to Firefox, download it direct and install from the tarball directly. There are simple instructions on FF website for install.

I reinstalled from the tarball from Mozilla website. The GTK theme has better integration, something positive, but my right click button still does not minimize my window like it does with every other window.
Another thing: how to uninstall FF that comes pre-installed?

You should have uninstalled that one first before installing the one from the tarball. You uninstall it either through the software store or through Synaptic. You should make a copy of your profile first if you want anything in it. I usually just export my bookmarks and that's it, so I have a fresh install without any unnecessary problems being carried over.

In your case I would definitely use a fresh profile to make certain that your issue isn't something you changed. As far as your right click to close, you may want to just google, right click to close and look in the Firefox forums, it could be that it isn't supported for whatever reason.

I didn't know that I had to uninstall first. Is there a way to do this now?

To Uninstall Perfectly :-

Follow Carefully and Do not Leave any Step :smiley:

To Install Perfectly :-

sudo apt install firefox

You can delete all the files in the apt section of the link provded above to give a clean install and This Should Give you a Solution :wink:

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