Firewall configuration file can't be found

I cannot find firewall software anywhere in zorinos 16. I checked settings> privacy no firewall tab was found . searched in software center GUFW no application was found . I installed and reinstalled using terminal. still coudin't find the software.

In terminal

sudo ufw enable

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Or try to switch layout to something with Gnome Menu. It's there but hidden somehow in the default layout.

Settings → Network → Firewall Configuration → Authentication Pop out

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The Firewall is pre-installed in Zorin OS 16 and can be found under Settings > Network > Firewall Configuration

I edited the title to correct a typo.
cinfig -> config

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after entering the command I found it. I don't if it was the command or if it was already there. I found firewall config in settings>Network. Thanks anyway for the tip I am new to Linux.

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Thank you everybody appreciate it


I was surprised when using search and typing in Firewall, it doesn't bring you to it. Oh well.

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Strangely your the second person to have that problem.

Maybe it needs looking into and possibly fixing.

Either adding it to the menu in the layout that hides it or extending the search to include settings?

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It threw me for a loop, too. The Zorins placed it in a way to make it accessible, but it had the side affect of it not showing up in a search.

But that is the nature of settings, I guess. Whether using an Android phone, Mac, Windows or Linux, there are always some settings you have to look up on the web how to find...

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