Firewall gui is not working

firewall gui is not working.
Note: I have also uninstall and then installed it. using this commands.
sudo apt remove --purge gufw ufw
sudo apt install -y gufw

You could try to make Your Commands a little bit different. I mean it this Way:

  1. sudo apt purge ufw gufw
  2. sudo apt autoremove
  3. sudo apt install ufw gufw

No, not working.

Hmm ... I have found an askubuntu Article where is nearly the same Issue describted. Maybe this could help You. GUFW not launching

Thank you. but i will leave it as it is. I added the rules using terminal.

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Okay, Sorry that I can't help You more.

@dipto - what happens when you enter 'firewall' in the Zorin Menu search box?

If I select the first item:

You need to be aware that most modern DE's like Gnome and KDE (Plasma) have GUFW/UFW integrated into 'Settings':

Zorin (Gnome) Network Settings:

KDE neonuser:

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