Firewall on Taskbar

Greetings everybody !!!
I am forced to transfer from win8 because of the chrome updates. I was thinking about windows 10 but there are problems with virtualbox i don't want to wait for fix. I bumped on Zorin OS, which for 1 hour usage looks astonishing !!!
I would like to ask about Firewall. So i see that gufw.desktop is in /usr/share/applications but when i copy it to desktop and click on it, it opens in text editor. I want to put it on desktop with an icon to run, or to the taskbar. On taskbar i can't press on gufw icon to save to favorites. Please advice as i will be switching from home/office and i might forget about it if i don't have it infront of my eyes :slight_smile:

Okay i forgot about chmod +x, its working :smiley:

How did you accomplish that? I would like to see the same thing.

I would not recommend moving the Root File to your local desktop, then changing permissions. Instead, you can symlink to it.
For GUFW, you can create a desktop Launcher or a Panel launcher.

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I just copied the gufw.desktop to /home/user/Desktop
And in command line in Desktop directory i wrote
chmod +x gufw.desktop
Thats it :slight_smile:

i didn't move, i've copied.
I was not able to create a desktop/panel launcher, there was no option so i was forced for the workaround :frowning:

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