Firewall port numbers for windows shares

So, I want to give my Win10 laptop access to the public shared folder. I've successfully done this, but can only access it if I turn off the Zorin firewall. I can't find any info anywhere as to which port I have to open in the firewall to allow this.

Can anyone help?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, If you open up gufw by opening a terminal and entering:

sudo gufw

This will open up the main window. Click on the Rules Tab, click on the + sign to the bottom left of the window to add a rule. Then click on Applications bar and scroll down for what you need - it has some preconfigured rules for NFS, Plex and SAMBA which is what I think you will be needing.

There is even an option for RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) if for instance you had to use Remmina to access Server Resources at work via secure weblink.

Perfect. Thank you.

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