Firmware issue in Zorin OS 16.3

I was just installing drivers for NVIDIA graphics to install CUDA and CUDnn...but while running this command in this picture, I saw these errors. Any solution?

Please see this thread here:

Missing firmware often means that a space is set aside for it in the kernel for a future release.
It's usually nothing to worry about, but annoying to see.

Which kernel are you on?

uname -r

You may try upgrading the kernel or directly installing the missing firmware.

here is the version:

Do you still see those warnings if you boot into the 5.15.0-89 kernel or 5.15.0-93 kernel, using the grub menu > Advanced Options for Zorin?

the links provided in this thread are not working at all.

Still I am getting the errors, but it's less in numbers now!!!

Now I can't login back to my 6.3.13 kernel as it is stucked here now...not doing anything

Reboot, but do not enter grub - just proceed directly to boot.
If that fails, reboot, enter grub menu, and test booting into each kernel using Advanced Options for Zorin.

Nothing we have done in this thread can create a no-boot issue, so if this is the case above, then you may have a larger issue we need to check out.

Let's just add the missing firmware so that you can boot into your preferred kernel.
First, get the firmware (If you need, sudo apt install git):

git clone git://

Once it finally finishes downloading, you will see a folder named linux-firmware in your home directory.
In terminal, run

sudo -i

Launch File Manager


In your (now elevated) home folder, enter the linux-firmware folder by double clicking it.
Now, highlight ALL Folders and Files. Rich click and select copy.
In the file manager, in the left pane, select "Other locations." Now, select "computer"
now, double click on /lib
then firmware and finally amdgpu
the full path is: /lib/firmware/amdgpu

Right click in an open area in that folder and select paste.

Reboot and test.

Actually, old kernel are working well instead of that latest kernel now.

And after entering the commands, I am getting this:

That warning is nothing to worry about. When you enter Nautilus (Files) from Root, it cannot access your bookmarks which are saved in your Home Directory, not in Root.

From that screen shot in your File Manager, hit Other Locations in the left pane, then double click /home then the folder with your username rajibbishal and that will land you in home directory. Once there,

it's saying I have no permission to paste those files

You must elevate to Root as outlined above.

sudo -i


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