Firmware update for ASUS MB X670E-I ROG Strix Hive

Hi there!
Need help on how to update firmware for the Audio device of the motherboard. The board is a ASUS MB X670E-I and the device in particular is the ROG Strix Hive. On the ASUS support page, firmware comes only as a .exe file. And as a noob in linux, I do not know how to update the firmware, if it's even possible?

I appreciate all the help I can get!

Many thanx!


Sadly, firmware updates need Windows to be present. The firmware updates might be needed if Windows gets updated. Are you having any issues with sound in Zorin? If not I wouldn't worry about it.

Yeah, I have some issues with the sound. So I'll have to install windows to solve the problem!

thanks for your input and time!

best regards!

Just found this: