First attempt of a dynamic wallpaper turns to a possible break of my system

Hello, Zorin community
I have just installed Linux for the first time, and more specific Zorin OS Core 16.1. In my first attempt to make a dynamic wallpaper I used a youtube tutorial for instructions and when I went to test the new dynamic wallpaper for the first time it gave me an error similar to a Windows blue screen and said log out and try again but every time I log in, the same message appears. Question: Is there a way to restore the original wallpaper through the terminal?

I would purge the dynamic wallpaper editor using the terminal. I could not see how this got installed from the video as it clearly shows the editor in use after install. Bear in mind terminal commands have to be precise, normally no Capital letters in the name of apps, usually all lowercase.

So as an example:

sudo apt-get purge dynamic-wallpaper-editor


sudo apt-get update

Then reboot the machine. Whenever you use the sudo command you will be asked for your login password to elevate you to 'root' (administrator).


I noticed what you said about dynamic wallpaper editor but assumed he installed it from the software center. And how can I access the terminal since it won't let me do anything after logging in?

Try press [alt]+[ctrl]+[F6], then you get to CLI


I did get to CLI but it asks me to login and the characters are greek. How I change the language to english and what do I do next? Can you help me? Thanks you.

That require that you can login if you want to change language.

Packages app has more descriptions of what exactly you are installing to avoid issues. I have also used synaptic package manager as well, but I prefer the details that packages app offers me.

I use for all my dynamic wallpapers you must first convert the heic format to PNG on Zamzar and then use the dynamic wallpaper editor. You have to set the date the wallpapers starts, the time and then also use seconds for the intervals. Leave the bottom column at 0, so it will change automatically.

Don't forget to save as and add it to the theme folder. You can create one if there isn't one. Later use Gnome Tweaks to add it as your background it won't work from within that app you will get a warning.

I did the download and the extraction on a Windows system for security reasons and then I transfer them to my Linux system, download the dynamic wallpaper editor from the software store and set the date and time and then I went to test it from the zorin background settings. The moment I activate the new wallpaper, it show me a white screen with a "Something went wrong..." like the blue screen at Windows and then nothing. I did the log out and log in again and again but nothing has changed. I press the Ctrl+Alt+F6 command and I enter to CLI, just like Storm said. Then it ask me to log in but the characters are in greek and it doesn't recognize them so it doesn't let me to log in. Then I thought to use the live session to delete all the wrong files and the system will go to another wallpaper but the only one that I find was the gnome-background.xml file so I delete my custom wallpaper from that and I save it. Then I reboot the system but nothing has changed still shows the white screen with the "Something went wrong..." message. I don't know what else to do. I guess I need to make format, right? Any other solution, anyone.

The image files have to be present, on the system, so I advise you save them all in a folder. For example, a folder in downloads or pictures is fine. The XML calls each image by line, so if it's not in the original folder it will have an error. I encountered the same error using Zorin Appearance and not Gnome Tweaks.

You have to use Gnome Tweaks to set it not Zorin background because it's an XML file that is generated after saving the Wallpaper in Dynamic Wallpaper Editor. Do not forget to save.

In my example, I have all images as they were named originally in a folder called images for wallpaper. Then In Dynamic Wallpaper you want to select the option open folder not image.



It should look like this after you load it in.

Time—The hours of transition to make it 24 hours in seconds. Depending on your photo you may have a picture for every time of the day or just early morning, morning, daytime, evening, and night.

Transition—How many minutes you have to wait before it changes, I leave this at zero.

Lastly, this is important.


Set the current date and time. It won't shift unless you do. Sync it with the actual time, give and take 10 mins for saving etc. Then Save as in the same folder or pictures. Then use Gnome Tweaks to add it.

Here is where you select the file you just saved in Gnome Tweaks. Hopefully, very soon, Zorin Appearance will be able to accept XML files. Sit back and relax, it will automatically update. The system can automatically make it 24 hours for you depending on how many pictures you do have, but I've found it will make it a longer change, so it's best to do it yourself. 4 hours each is okay, and it should start from 6:00am

I find this hilarious! :joy: I'm sorry you are having this issue MrV, and I don't intend any offense. If you read through any part of the web discussing windows though, you will realize that two things remain consistent when referring to the OS giant... bugs and lack of security. So your statement made my day... thank you.


Aye, that made me laugh out loud :slight_smile:


The App, Zorin OS and the site are secure.

I did all that but I used the Zorin Background settings and from the moment I apply the wallpaper, it show me the white screen with the message "Something went wrong." like this

and we stop there. No system at all. It doesn't let me do anything. I try the solution Storm said but I can't log in because the characters are in greek. :angry: I don't know what else to do. :pleading_face: I guess I 'll do a format reinstall the zorin os and be done with it. :disappointed:

You use Gnome Tweaks to load XML Backgrounds