Fix windows app support

I want to install counterstrike 1.6 setup with windows app support, so i executed it with windows ap support and it doesn't work. Please how to fix?

You know that you can play counterstrike 2 free on Steam and it support Linux installation.

I meant cs 1.6, i don't wanna pay for it so i downloaded it from a trustable website but when i launch it with windows app support, it doesnt work, i used playonlinux but when it crashes it gives me that playonlinux crash window im tired of it.

ok but how do i run other apps
i cannot
i cannot run novetus with windows appp support, tried playonlinux, bottles, and doesnt work.

Windows support is a hit or miss. Some works other don't. Better to find open source alternative than trying to force Linux into apps that was never written for. :slight_smile:

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But can you please give me a solution, i wanted to use soar client and it only has windows and not linux port, but i don't wanna wait, and also windows app support worked for me before now it isn't working,
i installed with bottles, and yet i cannot find the client and only the setup was there, i tried playonlinux, but there's a bug.

Also i cannot open any exe file with windows app support, i also reinstalled windows app support, but it ain't working.

ok it works with playonlinux

Brave's A.I. solution suggests:

" how to run soar client in Linux with wine

To run Soar client in Linux with Wine, you’ll need to follow these steps:

First, make sure you have Wine installed on your Linux system. You can install Wine using the Ubuntu package manager (APT) or by downloading it from the official WineHQ repository.

Here are the steps to install Wine using APT:

  • Open the terminal as a user with sudo privileges.
  • Update the package list: sudo apt update
  • Install Wine: sudo apt install wine
  • Install Winetricks: sudo apt install winetricks

Once you have Wine installed, you can run Soar client by following these steps:

  • Create a new wine prefix: winecfg
  • Install Soar client in the newly created prefix: wine SoarClient.exe
  • Run Soar client: wine SoarClient.exe

If you encounter any issues during the installation or running of Soar client, you can try using the wine command with additional options, such as wine SoarClient.exe -console to enable console output.

Alternatively, you can also use the winetricks tool to configure Wine and install Soar client. Here’s an example:

  • Run winetricks and select the “Install a Windows application” option
  • Choose the Soar client executable and follow the installation prompts
  • Run Soar client using the wine command: wine SoarClient.exe

Note that the performance of Soar client may vary depending on your system configuration and the wine version you are using. You may need to tweak some settings or use additional tools to optimize the performance of Soar client on Linux."