Flatpack problem

$ flatpak update
Поиск обновлений…

Info: runtime org.gnome.Platform branch 43 is end-of-life, with reason:
   The GNOME 43 runtime is no longer supported as of September 20, 2023. Please ask your application developer to migrate to a supported platform.
Info: applications using this runtime:
   fr.handbrake.ghb, nl.hjdskes.gcolor3, org.gnome.BreakTimer

Нечего выполнять.

Unless you're using any of those - they can be uninstalled.

I had the same thing show up on my screen one time, and thought "well, this can go.." lol

Break timer - don't use.. Color Picker - never used.. Handbrake - do use but very little, and I got the latest flatpak stable version at that; doesn't complain anymore :smirk:

Each one of those has a current / stable flatpak version as well so, they can be replaced with the newer versions if you wish. It won't hurt anything to leave them though - you'll just get the same message when updating again later is all.

Really? That's interesting... that would mean that Flatpaks are only checked for updates against currently installed runtimes.

For example, here these packages were installed for Gnome 43 runtime, but eventually newer versions require a different one i.e., Gnome 44, 45, etc... But, even though you could technically download and install those newer versions, you need to remove the existing ones and then re-install them? :thinking:

I mean, it seems like a simple easy fix but it's easy to imagine people forgetting about checking for updates in that way, eventually getting stuck with outdated and unsupported versions of a particular piece of software... Or am I misunderstanding how this works?

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Yep! I don't have color picker or break timer anymore - do have Handbrake still though, found a good PSP movie conversion format that works very well :grin:

Though - I don't normally use the software updater. If I see updates, straight to terminal lol

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Maybe the flatpak command does checks for updates correctly, and it's on the Gnome Software to figure out a better way to handle updates then. Interesting nonetheless, something to keep an eye for when it comes to flatpaks.


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