Flatpak App Uninstallation

I have been trying to uninstall an email app but I get this error every time.

absent@Pavilion:~$ flatpak search tutanota
Name            Description          Application ID       Version Branch Remotes
Tutanota (prev… Encrypted email cli… …m.tutanota.Tutanota 3.94.9  stable flathub
absent@Pavilion:~$ flatpak uninstall Tutanota
error: Tutanota/*unspecified*/*unspecified* not installed

Think of flatpak search calendar. Many apps with calendar name. The app id the unique name.

Run flatpak remove abc.defg.ijkl

Here is what I have been doing.

absent@Pavilion:~$ flatpak uninstall com.tutanota.Tutanota
error: com.tutanota.Tutanota/*unspecified*/*unspecified* not installed

Is tutanota installed ?
Please run flatpak list and check if tutanota is installed

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The flatpak search command searches the package list, not what is actually installed on the computer.

It's in my menu which means it is installed right?

Does it launch?

Yes, here is a screenshot.

I am a Bonehead

I just now noticed:

You need to use the full flatpak package name. There are ellipses in your post covering it... so I cannot see it: …m.tutanota.Tutanota
But your flatpak search command should show it all.
It may be com.tutanota.Tutanota in which case:

flatpak uninstall com.tutanota.Tutanota

should work.

Sadly it didn't.

Did the flatpak search command yield the full name of the package?

Here is what is said.


flatpak remove com.tutanota.Tutanota


Ok, it says it is not installed.
So... perhaps it is installed in some other way than Flatpak.
Have you checked Snap?

snap list

See if it shows up there...
If not, the last option that I know of is that Tutanota is available as an installable appimage.

ls /usr/share/applications

See if a Desktop File exists for tutanota.
If one does, open it with a Text Editor and look at the exec line and relay that info here.

I indeed installed Tutanota from their website as an .appimage, but it's not listed in the snap list or ls /user/share/applications.
but here is the location.

Ok, you got it.
It's an appimage, in which case, here is the How To remove it from Tutanota:

Sorry that I didn't mention it, thank you for your help.

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