Flatpak apps not using Zorin themes(flatpak vers.) and defaults to libadwaita

Hi, I'm "new" to Zorin, the Forum and Linux as a whole.

I have been facing a problem where some flatpak apps (i.e. flatseal, extension manager, easyeffects, even some official gnome apps) do not use official zorin themes(flatpak vers.).

I have used Flatseal to modify GTK_THEME and xdg-config/gtk-4.0, and others from the internet but it didn't work. These solutions are hacky and would like to avoid it as much as possible. I cannot provide you pictures as I no longer have it and do not want to attempt to do it again. What works are: Dark Mode Switching (from control center(?)), Firefox and Brave. For now using grey accent blends everything fine.

If possible, I would like to ask for solutions that DO NOT involve hacks, using terminal, or possibly downloading files. I want an official fix, like through an update and I am willing to wait for it.

The new GTK apps are using libadwaita and they are non-customizable as they use to be. So you have to stick with Adwaita themes.
If you want to theme the new libadwaita GTK apps, you need to use Gradience app.

After further indepth inspection of Dune3D, it does have dark mode but doesn't follow system settings and isn't enabled by default. So this problem lies on its devs.

And after some further research that may be incorrect or incomplete, if so correct me, it seems that libadwaita apps really likes the gtk-4.0 config folder. Do you guys have plans of having some sort of temporary integrated hack for this?

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You could use the .deb Versions of the Programs and not the Flatpak Versions if .deb Versions exist.

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Unfortunately, changing package type is non-negotiable.

Flatpak is developed by Gnome.
The Gnome developers have long voiced that users should not be able to use themes.

Several years ago, each update to Gnome Shell brought coded in breakage of themes until the stakeholders for Gnome made Gnome sign a pledge to stop breaking themes.
This remained until Gnome wrote GTK4 alongside Gnome4+ which introduced libadwaita which ensures Gnome has complete control over how apps look and feel.

This is a reality of life across many spectrums; including Microsoft, Google, Android and now, Gnome: As long as we provide support to a domineering company by using their product no matter how much they abuse us- They will continue to push the boundaries of abuse and control.

To them; their desire for control is non-negotiable.

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