Floating Taskbar Without Autohide on Window Maximise

Hi I'm just wondering if anyone has figured out a way to get the floating task bar without it autohiding when maximising a window.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
To disable auto hide:

  1. Open Appearance
  2. Select Interface on the left pane
  3. Click on the gear icon next to Dash settings (bottom of the list)
  4. Disable Inteli-hide.

(The name of the menu items could be different in English. My system is running in Japanese.)

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Thanks so much for the response unfortunately this didn't work as it is not the dash I have on its the task bar. And the moment I click off "Panel Intellihide" reverts back to a standard Windows like task bar. ( which isn't floating )

Please tell us which desktop theme you are using.
Is it Core or Pro version?
Zorin 15,3 or 16?
(Hint: you could add those information in your profile to make it easy for volunteers to assist you).

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Welcome Salvfazzari7 to Zorin OS 16! :slightly_smiling_face: And, it looks like you supported the devs by getting PRO, arn't you so stellar! :star2:

The rounded corner based taskbar is a feature of the auto hide function. It will not be rounded if you have auto hide turned off, as you've noticed.

Lets have a look...

Panel Intellihide ENABLED

See The Panel Hides From

If you adjust that, you can adjust how the Intellihide functions when it comes to hiding the taskbar. And as you could also see, you can also make it show via a shortcut key that you can set, or use the default.

And as FrenchPress had mentioned, depending on what theme layout you use, is weather or not you get the bottom taskbar, or a dock. BTW, I hate docks, I much prefer a traditional taskbar.

When I was in POP OS, I couldn't wait to get rid of both the DOCK and the traditional Gnome panel, and replace it all with Dash To Panel. You know why? Cause Dash To Panel gave me a traditional style taskbar solution, and I was able to adjust it how I wanted, as that extension gave me lots of flexibility.

Anyways, this is my setup now on Zorin OS 16 on my main gaming machine...

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