Fn keys on Lenovo E14

I recently brought a Lenovo E14 gen 2 which had ubuntu pre-installed on it, however since I needed some windows applications for 3D designing I found Zorin OS. However I found that I still have the same issue on Zorin as on Ubuntu to do with the Fn Keys not working 90% of the time and working at random intervals.
I have looked in the bios and everything to do with the Fn keys are enabled so it is to do with the linux software.
If anyone can help with this that would be much appreciated as if I do not need to switch over to Windows then I would like that as this OS is fast and if my design software works then it will suit my needs much better.
Please help.

  1. Does your keyboard have a 'Mode' key? If so, press it to see if the Fn keys start working again.

  2. In Terminal, enter:
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
    ... then select the correct keyboard, if it's not already selected.

  3. In Terminal, enter:
    xmodmap -pke
    -- and --
    xmodmap -pm

You might have to map those keys using xmodmap.

Some Lenovo keyboards have F1-F12 keys which require pressing a "Fn" key next to left Ctrl key. Is that the case with your keyboard?

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