Folder/mouse/keyboard problem

Ho guys, I'm an Happy 6 months old Zorin OS Lite user, but in the last days a big problem happen to me....I really don't know what happen (maybe updates going wrong?) but all files and folders are open in half screen, i have no x button for close the folders, the mouse arrow has turned in to a X, keyboard don't work anymore...Please help me, i'm desperate :exploding_head:

Can you please enter the recovery menu:

And enable networking.
Once enabled, arrow key to the bottom and drop to prompt.

In the prompt, tap ctrl+d or the enter key, then run

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-lite-desktop

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Once you have run these, you can back out of the recovery menu and proceed to boot - or run sudo reboot - But boot up the machine and test...

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Thank you very much for your reply, but I have trouble entering the recovery mode...When I Press the ESC button I open GNU GRUB version 2.06 (minimal bash-like line editing Is supported), and I amo not able to reach the recovery mode....I try to launch the two prompt comand on XFCE Terminal but apparently doesn't work :sob:

Just a quick the end i reach the Recovery Mode, try your comand and reboot the system but nothing good really happen, so I take the direct way, i clean my PC and reinstall Zorin OS 16 Lite, now Is obviously working well...I hope for the future :crossed_fingers:
In any case thank you for your help!

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That is a solution. Sorry that I did not see your earlier reply sooner.

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