Folder shortcut/preview in the dash?

Hi guys,

Is it possible (probably with an extension) to have folder(s) in the dash menu, that expand and show the latest files? Similar to the Downloads folder in macOS.

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I am not sure, but is this what you are looking for?

Not exactly, I'm more looking for a way to add a folder (and it's content) as a launcher in the dash.

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I am not sure if this extension can handle this as I have never tried it. But I use a dash panel that is far more powerful then the one that Zorin comes with. Its called Dash To Panel.

Again, can't confirm weather or not it would allow you to place folders on the panel instead of just apps, but it might! Like I said, its much more customizable and powerful then the standard version.

Please do note, that if you install and activate the extension, you will more then likely have to disable Zorin's dash panel. I say this, as that is what I had to do on POP OS, I had to disable their Cosmic extension, as it was conflicting with Dash To Panel.

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Dash to panel unfortunately does not have what I'm looking for, as I like the style of the macos setup that comes with Zorin pro.
So basically I "just" need to figure out a way to create a nautilus shortcut/preview in the dash.