Folders and Managing apps in Zorin Menu mode

I’m in Core and using Layout Three.

(Request – If these modes had names I could simply name the layout.)

When I’m in this mode –

I see folders. The thing is I can neither drag items into folders, out of folders, or create new ones.

If that isn’t possible then I believe it’s a reasonable/intuitive feature request.

Drag into and out of folders as well as create new folders is working for me. I tested on some folders I had on my desktop.
PS - Not a fan of the one-click open, so I switched back to the first layout.

Thanks for reply.

How do you create new folders?

Never mind. I re-read and noticed you may be asking about creation in Activities mode, not about creation in Layout #3. Is that correct? If so, isn’t that the Windows equivalent of wanting to create folders while alt-tabbing through programs? Maybe I’m missing a nuance.

Here’s the thing. In Activities mode I have three pages to scroll thru. In that mode the scrolling it so fast it dances from page 1 to 3 typically skipping over 2.

A word around would be to put some apps I don’t use into folders. Then I’d have all my ‘other’ apps on page one.

The Activities mode is only supposed to show open applications. Is yours showing all your applications, even ones that are not open?

I may be using the wrong name for that mode. I simply push the Zorin button and get what Android calls an ‘app drawer’.

You see my picture above, right?

I get it now.
When you press the Activities button it shows only open applications.
Then in Activities mode if you press the Start/Z button (which would normally open the Zorin menu), you get the screen you show in your second picture.
Yes, in that sub-mode, it shows either frequently used applications or all applications (based on the Frequent/All toggle).
To clarify, that is essentially the Zorin menu in a different format.

Understood. So there is no way to organize said apps into or out of folders. Got it.