Folders with a lock icon

Just turned on my pc and the all the folders inside /home are locked and i can't copy/paste or delete files (the other folders outsite /home are normal).

Maybe it's a permission thing but there's just my user there. I tried "sudo chown -Rv $USER:$USER /home/$USER" but it says "failed to change owner of 'home/gustavo' from gustavo:gustavo to gustavo:gustavo'" (or something like this cuz my system is in portuguese, if you need the exact thing in english i can change my system to english), so this means i'm already the owner? If so, why is this happening? Any idea how to solve this?

Yes, it shows that you are the owner.
This is a strange one. How long has Zorin OS been installed?
Have you added any apps, downloaded any files or made any system changes recently?

I have some apps installed (retroarch, vlc, variety) and downloaded some windows games for wine. I really don't remember doing any change in system recently.

It can be the system "breaking" because of my hd? or maybe i messed up on the zorin installation or something?
Because I got Zorin 15.3 lite around 1 month ago and it corrupted, so i installed 16.3 lite. But around 1 week after the system just broke again (i say broke because i don't really know what exactly was the issue, it just didn't boot and the commands to repair it didn't work) so i formated the HD (used gparted and set partition to ext4) and reinstalled zorin. Some days after the reinstall i got an error to boot but boot repair solved. I think the hd is the problem because this never happened in my other hd which i have zorin 15.3 lite.

(Sorry for the long explanation and probably bad english)

I agree with you - based on your description. You have repeatedly had the same issue reassert itself on that drive - all of which sound likely to Bad Sectors/ failing drive.

Have you run a S.M.A.R.T. test on the drive?

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