Font config errors and warnings installing snap packages

When I'm trying to install snap package it shows mannnny font config errors and warnings like these:

And so on. And it's not installing the package. I had this error on ubuntu 21.04 and then I removed all fonts from the system(it was creepy to see squares in terminal). After that I installed microsoft fonts and everything with snap was OK, but after few weeks it repeated. So my question: How to install snap package without these errors and fonts uninstalling?

Not sure on this particular issue with Snap Dependency - but perhaps using a different installation method will get Opera installed:

The problem is that opera from .deb package is not playing some videos in some websites (twitter, instagram) and the snap package is the best solution

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Same with skype

Given numerous dependencies; If I may ask - are you using the default Zorin OS installation or did you clean up a bit and remove any packages, repositories or other?

Installation is default and I didn't removed any packages or repositories.

Opera from .deb has a known H 264 codec issue. I had had no success with the installation of the chromium-codec-ffmpeg-extra package as suggested by other users and moved on. There are open questions on Opera's forum about this problem.

I know it, that's why I'm asking this question