Font nearly unreadable in tty on 4k

Hi there,

The other day I installed Zorin 16.3 and ever since I've been fiddling around to make it my own. So far, it's been a fun experience.

Unfortunately, I run a 4k screen and that leads to numerous shenanigans. I was already able to solve the login screen and the appearance in Grub, but hitting a tty still leaves me with a font that can only be read using the Hubble telescope.

All I can glean from Google is a recommendation to run sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup, but the terminal tells me that console-setup isn't available. And I'm not sure if I should try to install it, maybe there's a good reason it isn't part of Zorin OS.

I'd be more than happy if somebody could chime in and maybe offer a solution. The hubble works fine but NASA and ESA keep calling me because they want their telescope back. :innocent:


I usually use the excuse that I think I spotted a canal on Mars and that buys me a little more time.

This is interesting... I was about to test this (I am reasonably certain it is safe to install but wanted to test and be sure) and I got this response:

sudo apt install console-setup ─╯
[sudo] password for mech-1:
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
console-setup is already the newest version (1.194ubuntu3).

I suggest that it is perfectly safe to install and then run sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup to adjust the font.

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This piece, good sir, shall henceforth grace the top spot in my already extensive excuse catalog. :joy:

As for the aforementioned shenanigans:

Lo and behold, sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup would run after trying to install the package and receiving the note that it, in fact, is already installed. I'm glad there are things in the world that a Linux noob just doesn't have to understand.

Thus, I proceeded to adjust the relevant settings. Both NASA and ESA will be relieved to know that I'm now able to fall back to my trusty electron microscope.

AFAIK, 16x32 is the max character size the Linux kernel allows, so that's all she wrote. Essentially, still a rather squinty issue, but miles ahead of the previous appearance.

Are you maybe aware of something akin to the Grub, where I can just add something like GRUB_GFXMODE=1920x1080 to /etc/default/grub in order to manipulate the tty resolution?


I do not... the above process is the only one I know of.

I turned to a web search since you asked, just in case... I found the question is asked but no other answers provided.

4K is, while not necessarily new, new enough in GnuLinux that it still is getting support development.
The Linux market is small, compared to Windows. Getting support in some things is a bit harder since to many large corporations, we are negligible.
But many companies do recognize that GnuLinux and Linux is a growing community and this growth has increased drastically in recent times.

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Yes, it's kind of new still and heck, even Windows has its problems in that regard.

Funnily enough, I would have loved to go for a 1920x1080 screen, but the high-end model with all the bells and whistles I wanted only came with that darn screen that does nothing for me other than draining my battery and countering my Linux efforts. Oh, well.

All that said, your help is very much appreciated, and now it's at least at a bearable level. Thanks a bunch and take care! :+1:

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