Font Nonsense

I'm a bit of a newb but I can follow directions well enough. I duly installed Font Manager and put a basketful (394) of fonts into the disabled side of things. Or so I thought. I reboot, start up LIbreOffice Writer, and there they are, including the maddening Noto family, which surely belongs with the Old Woman Who LIved in a Shoe. Why do they keep showing up? I use a lot of artistic fonts for my Dungeons & Dragons group, but finding them is an annoying trip through Noto and JetBrains land. Can anyone shed some light here?

Applications do not always follow the Font Manager's settings. For example, applications installed with Flatpak cannot access to font manager settings unless they are allowed by Flatseal.

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Do you use the Flatpak Version or the .deb Version of the Program? I saw in the Gnome Software Store that there are 2 Versions of it.