Fonts slow my zorin lite

I notice that , when I open any app related to fonts, that slow my pc, I face that when open all-fonts app(built in zorin), font-manger app, and when open fonts list or tab in office app like libre or wps ,etc that block the main thread of the app and may crash the app. Have u ever faced that before ? and what I can do? I have a lot of fonts in my zorin? should I remove some fonts?

can anyone suggest command to remove all fonts except the default fonts in zorin lite? I have a lot of fonts of Microsoft and fonts google, and a lot of packages

As far as I am concerned, all the noto fonts can go. I have never looked into this to determine which can go and which can stay... much less to make one single command to do it.
The Microsoft Fonts are really needed by those using Wine or other MS products.
Some fonts are needed by the web browser, since webpages can specify font in the html.
But it probably could be the Most Basic Fonts is all that is needed.


ok, i want to know which folders r the default fonts of zorin,

The system takes from which ever font is called upon - It can reference /usr/share/fonts or ~/.fonts or ~/.local/share/fonts
I do not think one font folder will hold the default Zorin Fonts.


I deleted all the noto fonts using the file manager as root. Did a search for noto, selected them all and deleted them. After a restart to clear cache, they were gone. Good luck.

I find it incredibly annoying that every distro puts installs all these fonts. Font installs should definitely be limited at least to the locale one chooses on install. Too many fonts can really tax any software that needs to provide a font choosing mechanism, such as inkscape or scribus. Who thought this was a good idea?

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but i don't want to remove all noto fonts, I want keep English fonts and delete others

Removing the Noto Fonts may answer your question from the O.P., however. You do wish to stop the bogging down of your Font management Apps.

I'm sorry , what (O.P.) mean?

Original Post - or - Opening Post.
The first post in the thread that directs attention to the issue.

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I removed all noto fonts, now i have 1100 fonts, i have had more than 6000 fonts, it's good now

I feel my pc is faster now and office apps r faster now. everything is good now

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