Force 'VPN' switch in 'Settings > Network' to 'ON' during boot in Zorin 16.1 Pro

Does anyone know how to force 'VPN' switch in 'Settings > Network' to 'ON' during boot in Zorin 16.1 Pro?

I don't want to have to install the generic Network Manager and can't understand why the Zorin Developers chose to not include a persistent 'ON' switch for 'VPN'. As it stands now, each time I boot the system I have to switch on the VPN switch. This is extremely annoying,

Thanks in advance.

I had this problem.

First ensure you have both your network connection and the VPN set up.

Set the password to "store the password for all users" (group icon to the right of the password field), for both the connection and the VPN.



Open the network connection and on the General tab select "Automatically connect to VPN" and choose your VPN connection.

It will now connect to the VPN automatically. You need to store the password for all users, otherwise it won't connect correctly until you are logged in. This way it connects to the network even before you are logged in.

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