Format SSD?

Hello all.
I reading when you wipe hard disk SSD you lost some size ssd hard disk.
The question is that is good idea wipe ssd or only quick format? I today started 500gb wipe ssd and about 1 hour maybe it finished 10%
I am using a command wipe -q /dev/sda

Well, that is actually debatable. Most things with numbers are never the same on a computer. You can have a computer that reads 15.9 GB usable memory whereas your friend can have 15.8 GB usable memory. Maths on a computer varies from computer to computer.

Now the problem at hand. I personally won't use the terminal to do a format. I will also not do a normal format because of the size of hard disks these days. I prefer a quick format. I last used a normal format in I think somewhere in the 2000s and never had a problem with quick format.

This variation is not caused by the computer being unable to do math.
It is due to how much memory is reserved for system temporary actions and that can vary depending on what applications are installed and which happen to be running at a given time. The variation is usually small.
Reserved memory must be protected in order to prevent corruption or crashes.

I wiped a ssd also bios battery out with some 30 min. or longer when i cleaning my PC. Must sayed now is faster idk why?

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