Forum chatbox problem on android

There is still a issue with the chatbox using firefox on android. When i write things in the chatbox and hit on the right top to lower the chatbox the whole chatbox disapears. Normally i see a small blue bar so i can click on it to add more info into my message. The picture i added shows the blue bar, alot of times that bar is gone and it wants to reload the whole message i wrote.

@Michel I think your forum chatbox issue on mobiles (FF&android) should be better dealt with if you split or created a new thread, as the flicker issue discussed here seems fixed.

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I have this problem with Firefox on my Android, and I experience slower loading than usual on my Windows Partition with Microsoft Edge.

No problem on my Iphone 12 Max pro on Safari and I'm in agreement with @zabadabadoo on split of the thread

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