Forum Maintenance

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

As I now visited the Zorin Forum I saw this:

Am I the only One who has that? I only ask for the Case that something is ... suspicious.

No. It is the truth. You are not alone :slight_smile:

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Half an hour ago it said it was on read-only and it wouldn't let me log in, so yes, the forum is under maintenance

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Okay, thank You @zabadabadoo and @Sorro to confirm that. In the Times today You never know.

It looks like it is done. The Notifications are now with Profile Pictures.

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I would prefer it the other way round i.e. type of notification then contributor, as I check for replies before likes.


Could be interesting, too I think. I miss honestly the old ''New'' and ''Unread'' Tabs in the Overview. Now we have ''Hot'' and ''Top''.

And I miss another Detail: When I clicked on my Profile Picture in the top right Corner and got this Quick Menu Overview and went with the Mouse on something it gots a blue Background. That is no more, too. I miss that.

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