Forum wants access to VR-Devices?

I just got a pop-up in german asking if I want to access my VR devices after some browsing on here. Why is this even a thing?

Seems like some tracking or some invasion in privacy…
So I’m not a fan of it at all.

Hmm, that’s very strange.

The forum doesn’t have any trackers like this and doesn’t make use of any VR hardware, so this definitely shouldn’t be happening. My first thought is that this is probably a bug with the Firefox web browser.

  • Do you know if you’re using the latest version of Firefox, and if this issue occurs in other web browsers?
  • In addition, what operating system(s) are you experiencing this issue in?
  • Does this happen when you visit any page on this forum, or only on a specific page?

This would help us to find the source of the issue.

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Does this Mozilla Support page shed any light?:

Edit: Sometimes, I must look at recent replies before I post.
But as Azorin points out that the Forum does not make use of VR (or is not enabled for it), then that is very strange.

Well I’m using the latest version of Firefox Nightly on Windows 10 and it happend on the specific page that I captured in the screenshot. I refused it and just ticked the box to never ever ask me again so I haven’t got it for a second time. I just turned it back on so i can report on futher requests.

Update: It seems like the embedded vimeo player is the cause of the request. It’s still weird that the player in it’s embeddedversion want’s to couple this permission with the actual forum page.

The issue might be occurring due to some interaction with the Vimeo player on that page and a potential bug in the Firefox Nightly release (which is a testing release that frequently has bugs). It’s behaving normally on the stable version of Firefox on my end.

WOW, that is scary for sure! Glad you were able to figure out what was causing it as well, so you can disable it, or remove the Vimeo player all together. One of the things I’ve noticed in the year 2020, is that during this pandemic, a lot of software apps have been showing their true colors lately. :flushed:

I use - I only use the player app on the smartphone. As Aravisian has pointed out, nightly builds are testbeds for bugs, and it looks like you found one!
I would either install Firefox stable or give Waterfox a try - you won’t be disappointed! :wink:

I wouldn’t say that this is a bug. I would actually speculate that you haven’t had a VR capable device connected while visiting the forum thread with the embedded vimeo player.

@Cederick Fair point - I don’t have such a device! :grin: