Hello every body
I have read that some of you had problems to connect to internet via a proxy but I never saw the solution.
I use Firefox and the extension Foxy-Proxy to swith from a proxy to another or to navigate without any proxy.
But as soon as I choose a proxy, and I know thois one is working well, Firefox is unable to load any page.
It seems that the DNS is not working in this case
It seems to be the same with others browsers and that is not working manually via the networks parameters .
I do not know what I have to check...
Thanks for you help.


Do the proxy settings in the network manager match the ones in FoxyProxy?

Have you tested changing to a different proxy server?

Do you have any other proxy extensions added or installed?


the answer to your 3 questions


Has this issue been present since installing FoxyProxy or did it suddenly appear one day?
Which version of Firefox are you using and Which version of FoxyProxy is installed?

I have never used FoxyProxy so also must search the web looking for answers.
The Project Maintainer can be found here (there are two repos);

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good morning

no, it does not work since the installation of FoxyProxy
My firefox version is 113.0.2 64 bits
My foxyProxy version is 7.5.1.

I forgot to say that this is not working with the gnome web browser too

Perhaps try the Version 8:

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