Fprintd Configuration


Was uncertain as to include this as hardware or not but decided against hardware issue as there really isn't a problem with the fingerprint reader persay.

I'm trying to find documentation to configure what I'm assuming is fprintd so I can allow it for use as sudo and ensure it's not asking me for my password after I've logged in with fingerprint. I have searched through redhat documentation and to be quite honest, I'm having a hard time sorting through all of the pages they have to find what I'm specifically trying to do.

I'm on Zoring 16.1, and I did not need to manually configure or add fingerprint authentication. Not really sure where to go at this point, tried finding files on the system related to pam, all I could find were Valve software related but I may have searched for it incorrectly. Just lost at this point and any help is greatly appreciated!

60 vote solution here:

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Sorry been busy with a kitchen remodel. I'll definitely be trying this soon though!

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