Fractional scaling: causing games to assume lower screen resolution

I know Fractional Scaling is still a work in progress, but is there maybe a way to prevent the following behavior:

Whenever I have fractional scaling activated, games that I launch from Steam or GoG (which in turn use Wine/Proton) set a much lower resolution than my screen natively has and won't allow me to pick a higher one. It's as if the scaling somehow reduces the perceived max resolution of my screen.
Is there maybe a way to prevent / circumvent this behavior (other than disabling Fractional Scaling of course)?

My notebook's screen is a 2240x1400, so without FS everything looks tiny, with 200% everything looks much to big. Running the system on 1920x1080 would be an option but that again looks rather too pixel-y for my taste...

I would be interested in a solution to this as well. It's not so bad on HearthStone as that game doesn't suffer too much from lower resolutions, but playing Civilization VI (natively) or Cities Skylines 2 (via Proton) is an exercise in both patience and frustration when fractional scaling is turned on. Mine's currently set at 150% on a 32" 4K and HDR capable BenQ monitor.

My Linux experience is only with Ubuntu and, currently, Zorin, but for an OS that wants to be adopted by the common folk, it still has too many quirks. Love the ease with which you can just use Windows apps, such as Steam and GoG. But the problems with modern features like the broken fractional scaling and a lack of HDR are baffling. Or the little annoyances like having to turn automatic suspend off, otherwise I get these random seconds long freezes when switching between tabs on Firefox.

Sorry, had to vent a little.