Fractional scaling full screen games and apps

The Zorin 16 fractional scaling is just brilliant under Nvidia hardware using Xorg. The best among the distributions I tried; no blur, and it is fast.
Is the fullscreen games and apps supposed to work under this fractional scaling? it is overflowing out of the monitor display area.
video fullscreen works, youtube fullscreen also works, but not native games or Proton games when they are running at non-native resolutions.

The strangest thing is, after some kind of settings tinkering, fullscreen games works as normal. The procedure is, set the 4k monitor fractional scaling to 150%, then go to Nvidia settings and set the resolution from Auto to 3840x2160, go back to the display setting and now you will see the scaling is 200%, set it back to 150%. After this the games 1440p scaled monitor size instead of overflow out of the display.


Since you are providing a guide and not asking for assistance i moved this to the tutorials and guides category to make it easier for others to find it.

Welcome to the forum @howdev. Thank you for taking the time to post this guide to help others with similar issues.


the above fixes the Proton games overflow, but breaks the native games. There are reports about Proton games overflow with fractional scaling. This could only be a Proton problem.

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