Freedesktop Platform extensions

I did a search for these :point_down:

but I was like this :face_with_spiral_eyes:, I'm not sure if I need them. I ticked the first vkBasalt (because I read that enhances game's visual graphics), should I tick every extension that I see identical to the one that I tick? Clicking the extension doesn't show any info so I don't know what changes between each one.

Does your graphics card support vulkan? The other things H.262 are sound card (can be included in the graphics card).

The MangoHud is an overlay (optional graphic that shows frames per second and other game information on the screen as you play).

Read each one carefully, understand what it is (web searching may be helpful) and decide what you want, need or can live without.

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I did a search and I only got more confused. Many websites were marked Missing: rs880 | Must include: rs880 (you know, when Google marks this under the website preview), one looks like not recommending Vulkan on AMD, the thing looks more complicated than I thought. But I simply supposed that as on Freedesktop Platform Vulkan extensions are displayed it means that they are supported otherwise why displaying them? Simple common sense :smirk:.

I don't need this one, at least until a developer wants me to send detailed bug reports and that kind of info that MangoHud can display, and the game doesn't have an option to display them :grin:. Thanks for explaining clearly.

When I install an extension should I install any available twin one or only one? I don't get the difference between each one, and displaying no info when clicked is weird, kind unhelpful. Except the extension choice, this is the thing that I didn't like most and caught me off guard.

They might be different features, dependencies or different versions of features. I'm not sure since i don't use that software.

As i stated earlier, web search might be helpful.

Some graphics software shows features that may not be available for your system. The devs don't always implement hardwares parse to find if it's avaliable on the machine, just offer it. Look at gnome. Some hardware may have the feature with it turned off (how some hardware companies make money)... so it was a legitimate question.

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Sure, but what do I search if, as I said, clicking any extension doesn't show even a pixel of info about itself? By the way, to be sure I install any identical, if there's no problem. Then openh264 was already installed twice and I see no issue on playing videos. But for some reason, a movie (in mkv format, video/x-matroska) was having some triangular sections seeping each other on certain moments, I wonder if it's due to my twin openh264 installed :thinking:.

A bit off topic: should I check cdrom:[Zorin-OS 16.1 Core 64bit]/focal main restricted (on Software and Updates > Other Software)? I don't know what it does but I was thinking if it's a kind of enhancement. I searched it but results are unrelated and explain how to run commands about it or fix its issues :expressionless:.

Well, yes, it's understandable :unamused: :money_mouth_face::moneybag:

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