Freeze on install on an Acer Swift SF314-41 series N17W7

Hi there :slight_smile:

After testing many operating systems (Mandriva, Ubuntu, Parrot Sec), I love Zorin on small machines.

At the moment I'm trying to install it on an Acer Swift SF314-41 series N17W7.

I got Zorin OS 16.1 Lite 64 bits (checksum OK) on a USB stick with BalenaEtcher, I manage to boot on it but, when launching the USB live session, nothing happens, I'm left with the Acer and Zorin logos.

I tried booting with nomodeset and acpi=off, it doesn't change anything and the computer keeps crashing.

What can I do? Thank you :fire:

Is there an existing OS on this notebook?


Yes of course. Windows...

Try Ventoy or Universal USB Installer instead of Balena Etcher - never had a good experience with Balena. Did you reduce your C:\ partition with Windows disk management first before attempting to install? And did you create Windows repair media before proceeding?