Freezing/stuck after dual booting in windows 10

I have this freezing issue in grub that takes a lot of time to load the Zorin environment and when it's loaded, it freeze's or stuck when clicking apps or the file manager, and if it's totally freeze, I press the power button and restart it once again and at that point, the grub and the Zorin DE got back to its normal flow.

I noticed this issue, after using windows 10 and restarting the laptop to dual-boot in Zorin.

These are some of things that I have done in my linux system and I don't know if these contributes to the problem.

  • I manually partition the root directory with 30gb in SSD and 200gb in HDD for the home directory. I also added an 8gb swap file size.

  • I also have installed Xubuntu on my system, but it doesn't face the same issue like Zorin. Unlike Zorin, I partition the Xubuntu's root and home with 50gb in HDD only.

  • The 8gb swap file is shared with Zorin and Xubuntu

This is my current system configuration

Also, I'm still new at linux system. I tried Zorin OS core but it's kind a slow in my laptop's capability, so I choose the lite version instead. I also, spend some time searching and watching videos in YouTube to solve or just to minimize the issue but no luck at this moment.

Thanks for the help Zorin community!

Do you have Secure Boot enabled in your BIOS / EFI settings?

Hello, Yes I disable it lately after I check my UEFI settings. The booting up and accessing files in the DE are better by the way. Do I also need to disable fast boot? or it is only necessary when installing a new OS?

Yes, definitely keep Fast Boot or Fast Startup in Windows Disabled.
It locks the hard drive, preventing access.

Alright, I disable both of them and it's better now. Although, sometimes it feels slow at first when opening multiple software/applications. I noticed I installed tlp for saving battery power and one last question. Does disabling tlp or any batter power saving tool can improve my laptop's performance?

Yes, disabling certain Power saving features can improve performance. I would keep TLP, though.
One additional thing I do is install Preload

sudo apt install preload

That is all there is to it. It needs no other configuration. It does, however, take a little time to begin to notice its effects.

There is this for CPU performance:

Alright, I marked check/accepted your solutions. Thank you so much!

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