Freezing when playing games and voice chatting over discord

When using discord and any app other app it starts to freeze up a little… not long, most oftenly when starting to talk or stopping to talk.

I’m getting the exact same thing, looking at System monitor the CPU usage spikes up and down and usually sits at around 60% usage (at least for me) which isn’t normal.

I’ve tried both the Snap and .deb file from the Discord site, both have the same issue.

Edit: Trying to use Discord in browser does not have the same issues.

Edit 2: Turning off the Voice Processing settings in Discord (Echo Cancellation, Noise Reduction and Automatic Gain Control) seems to fix the stutter, however the guy I tested this with said he could barely hear me afterwards, I turned the settings back on one by one, and it seems Noise Reduction has the biggest impact on performance.