Frequency of updated Zorin OS ISOs ...?

Do the Zorin OS ISOs online get updated on the "sly" now and then while staying on the same version number? That is to say, do they get updated periodically after a while of system updates (so to stay "current," if that makes sense), or do all system updates get rolled into each point release? I know they released a fix for that logoff issue, and while it does seem to work, I wonder if an ISO update is in order (while staying on version 17.1) to ensure users have a functional OS from the "get-go." Honestly, stealth updates on the "sly" for the ISOs makes sense to me. Is this something the Zorin Group already does or no? If not, they ought to. My $0.02.

Yes, the .iso files get updated if an update is needed to ensure that they work or a needed fix is included.
I would not term this as "on the sly", however. The release version number will reflect the upload, even if the Point Release is the same due to Point releases being a different thing than upload versions.


I assume a good example of that was Z16 Core, which had r1, r2, r3 and r4 .iso itterations of the original Z16.0 version.point release before Z16.1 was released.
The .iso's were labelled r1, r2, r3 and r4 and different SHA256 checksums were published accordingly.


Thanks for the responses. Stupid question, but how can I tell about the revisions? I just looked at the 17.1 ISO, and it was named 17.1, basically. No "r1" or anything in the filename. If there is nothing, then can I assume the ISO hasn't been updated yet?

17.1 is a point release in much the same way Ubuntu 22.04 is now at 22.04.4.

Right ... but how do I know ISOs have been updated? Where do I look for this "r1," etc., addition? Is it embedded within the metadata for the ISO, or is it spelled out plain as day in the actual filename itself?

It was back then that the Zorin .isos were hosted on Source Forge and that information was readily visible.

The ZorinGroup changed over to using a series of server mirrors which provide the advantage that more people can access downloads and experience less lag, data loss or other downloading issues. But, it appears that the package details are less readily visible, now. Certainly, by visiting and accessing the files from the supplied server, they can be seen.


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