Fresh install: Is there a way to save settings and apps?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Zorin Pro for a few years now and set it up perfectly for my needs. Due to a new computer I unfortunately have to make a fresh new installation.

Is there a way to somehow save all the settings and apps (and the app‘s settings) from the previous installation, so that I can basically have the same system as before?

Thanks in advance,

There are a few. You can make a Clone of your build using CloneZilla or RescueZilla.

If the above is not an option, you can save a copy of your ~/.config directory and follow these steps for re-adding your repos and apps on a new installation:

Then move your saved copy of your home configurations ~/.config over to the new install.


An easier way if you don't have many files and if you have google drive, dropbox or Onedrive is to use the builtin backups and just backup from there, it doesn't backup the apps themselves though, but you will have your data, settings, and even extensions back.

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