Fresh install of 16 over 15.3 on dual boot PC while Windows 10 remains intacts

Since the official "upgrade" way to move from 15.3 > 16 is in the works, it will be quite complex. I assume lot's of people are eager to get version 16 going on their dual boot computers like me. I would like to see a tutorial how to override fresh install of Zorin 16 over existing version 15.3, while not messing up the GRUB. It is understood all data from Zorin 15.3 needs to backed up as v.16 will be fresh install. Here are my partitions:
#1-105Mb FAT 32 (EFI ssytem)
#2-17Mb (Microsoft)
#3-90Gb NTFS (Windows 10)
#4-858Gb NTFS (data shared between Zorin & Windows))
#5-51Gb Ext4 (Zorin 15.3)
#6-523Mb NTFS (win recovery)
#7-1.8Mb (unalocated)

Thank you for guidance.

Until we know more about the Zorin Direct Upgrade option and can experience it for ourselves, I do not think it is possible to write a tutorial without more information.

Why not? I'm asking for an option to bypass Zorin Direct Upgrade - which means data of 15.3 are lost. Isn't this similar to as installing different distro of linux on dual-boot PC where Win 10 remains and Linux changes?

You do not need to. If you prefer, you can do a fresh and clean installation of Zorin OS without using the Direct Upgrade feature.

It will also be possible to disable the upgrade feature and its notifications, if a person wishes to remain on their current release and not be notified of available newer releases.

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How about if he installs but keeps his /home partition intact (i.e. does not format /home) ?

I am of the opinion, if its not broke, don't fix it. Because, if the user goes to install Zorin OS 16 fresh, they may corrupt their bootloader as some have on here, preventing them from booting into their Windows10 installation.

If your system is working just fine and does everything you need it to do, there is no need to change anything. When the upgrade function is released, you will have the option to upgrade to OS 16 then, and it will most likely not screw up GRUB.

But if you are impatient, and install OS 16 now, it may doom your GRUB loader, and regret it you will.


Wise Words Provided

I do not agree these statements. If this was true, the Grub Bootloader would be in danger with every installation of Zorin OS.
This is not the case.

Then how and why did that other user, who installed OS 16, destroy his ability to boot into Windows10?

Beats me... it's hard to tell sometimes, what the user does that they do not tell us about...

Or they themselves do not know what they have done - aren't we all? :crazy_face:


I agree with you. This is why I have started this topic. However I don't thing I have received solution as Zorin 16 is needed on my PC (issues with Nvidia)

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