Fresh Install OS 17 lags/stutters

Anyone notice some lag/studdering last few days? Especially with the windows+arrow key to move between workspaces sometimes it just hangs for like 2-3 secs..but only if i spend more then 2 mins of time within one workspace..

i literally did a fresh install to see if it would go away and its back again.

if it keeps up im going to try a different distro and see if the problem persist..maybe its my hardware...

Some users have indeed reported a general lag on Zorin OS 17.
Zorin OS 17 is the first iteration of Zorin OS to offer Wayland as default. This may relate. It also introduces the new Gnome 4+ with Gnome 43.

You might try logging in on Xorg (Zorin Desktop on X) to see if the lag is still present.

Hmmm...thats unfortunate to hear..but i feel like its only started few days ago..maybe there was an update..the first two weeks was perfectly fine

Did you run upgrades after the reinstall?

yes i did, everything should be up to date

I am going to tag this issue with the ZorinGroup developers.
While not the majority, several users (more than statistically would if the issue was a a more dismiss-able item) have posted stating that 17 has some form of general lag. And as 17 introduces Wayland and Gnome 4+, it does stand to reason that there may be things to iron out.
Zorin OS 15 had a bit of a rough start, too. This is in spite of it being a generally very well made OS that took off after 15.1 release like a jetcraft.
15 and 17 both introduced a lot of new things.

Perhaps 17.1 will also be the point release to rule them all.

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great thanks, yeah i may try a new distro today and see how that goes to see if its generally smoother. will let you know.

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fresh install of latest linux mint, smooth as butter the hiccups have disappeared. so yeah not sure what it was with latest Zorin release. was a shame..

Linux Mint's default DE is Cinnamon - some members on here use Cinnamon over Gnome. Would have been interesting to see if you had had a better experience with the Cinnamon Desktop? You can install it from Synpatic Package Manager.

Just a quick note to chime in here. I, too, have had minor lag and very brief freezes on Zorin OS 17 Pro. These happen periodically, though, and Zorin for the most part is fine for me. It performs well when all is fine. I have an Intel i5-9400 CPU, a 256 GB SSD, a RX 580 card with 8 GB VRAM, and 32 GB of system RAM.

Would be good to have a 100% lag-free experience, though.

Hi everyone,
I installed Zoring Core in VmWare. Fresh install, before any update and no program running the desktop freezes just by moving (Files window) for example. Youtube is like a robot sometimes. Any program using sound is a hudge problem like Teams or Zoom. I installed the update with no success. The VM has 4 CPU and 8 Gb of RAM. Activating and deactivating "Accelerate 3D graphics has no effect. Back to 16 and everything is stable. This is just a feedback to that grate team to help them improving the best distro ever made. :slight_smile:

I have reported an issue when sleeping and how it crashes while trying to resume. But sometimes it does allow me to log in and few seconds later it starts lagging till it crashes. No difference whether Wayland or Xorg

Which graphics card and which Graphics drivers are you using on this machine?

sudo lshw -C video

Ive got a fresh install on a framework 16 and I am having a similar issue except I would say it hangs about 5-10 seconds.

Have you run any recent Updates?

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

and see if the lag is still present?