Fresh Zorin Install - Secure Boot Configuration

Hi guys, I've just installed Zorin 16 Pro and I got this window asking me to configure secure boot, the question is, do I need it? if so why? can I simply get rid of it? I don't want to keep typing passwords when i boot the machine

Secure Boot is for Windows OS, only. It is useless on Linux.

Because many users Dual Boot Windows and Linux, Microsoft signed off on many linux packages to allow them through Secure Boot.

If you are not dual booting and needing Secure Boot for Windows, you can disable Secure Boot in your BIOS / EFI Settings.


after rebooting, I noticed that there are no icons everything is in black, what's going on here

Was Secure Boot enabled?
If you disabled it - did you also run

sudo mokutil --disable-validation

What Graphics card are you using?

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Hello I guess you are right, i reinstalled zorin but before that i disabled secure boot and now on boot i can see F2 - Bios F7 and F10 on screen, i updated Zorin and performed multiple reboots no issues.

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