Friend want trying Zorin

My friend have a old laptop Dell precision M4500
I am wondering if everything will be working about hardware.
Most important wifi.
I checked on and there exist some linux distribution compatibility versions.
I am wondering, because he never used a linux and wanna trying to suggestion for him trying a Zorin.

I suggest trying it out in live boot mode.


The best practice is to use something like Etcher to make a Linux boot-up mem stick and do a Test on it. I also came over to Linux and I will be honest my current PC that I am using is an A8-3870 from 2011 with 8 GB ram and it runs fine.

Looking at the specs of the laptop, it is a lot faster than my work PC. Only small hiccup you may get is with the GPU As AMD already have native drivers.

He have 128gb SSD and only 8gb ram. He never used Linux. He is with mint. Laptop is from 2010; The best way he coupe learning alone. I am little tired step by step what he must doing. I gived that solutions because cinnamon is more simple from Zorin. I mean about settings. If he will liked then i can suggestion Zorin.

See how it works with a live USB of course - also get some MATE versions, Ubuntu or Mint. I have an old MacBook 13in, non-aluminum body - runs all but WiFi and iSight OOB. WiFi drivers on the USB installer so, pretty simple there (Additional Drivers app). iSight was just a file download and a package to install, easy peasy. I say MATE just for support. Usually the best support, in my case, and for older setups. 8GB RAM should be plenty - that MacBook only has 4GB and runs Mint MATE 21.1 perfectly. With an SSD, almost close to some newer mid-low range devices. I wasn't able to use Zorin with any of my older laptops, bummer. But, one is a gaming setup, one just doesn't like older kernels before 6.x.x, and the Mac likes 4.x.x or Mint MATE kernels.. No idea about the Mint kernels but they work solid haha My mothers really old Dell Inspiron 1500 has DreamLinux on it - man that was a good one...

I lean toward Ubuntu or Mint MATE versions - but as always - to each their own! Cinnamon personally isn't what it used to be, not as stable as what I remember. Zorin has to be the best for migrating from Win or Mac though - the layouts are wicked! I've fooled many people so far into thinking it was Win11 or MacOS! But, would definitely try some 18.XX versions of Mint or Ubuntu.

Good luck! I'm keeping this one on watch haha I'm interested to know what happens!

Why I used first mint and not a Zorin. That is psychologic response.
If first time he tried Zorin and will be difficult for him, then he don't back again to this distribution. I can advice him when he will more adopt with linux and commands and how it works. Propably, mostly all live he using only iphone.


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