From Zebra Printers How to install GX420d shipping thermal label printer

Open System Settings > Printers

Click +Add

Set up the printer/port settings:

For USB Printer:
Enter URI
Enter Device URI: usb://Zebra/LP2844 (example)

Get this port by issuing the command:

 lpinfo -v |grep

Note: You don't need the "? location=1a200000" information.

For Network Printer:
Devices: AppSocket/HP JetDirect
Host: (example)
Port: 9100

The Host IP address may be configured to use a different address, which is outside of the scope of this tutorial. If AppSocket is not listed, close and relaunch the Wizard and it should appear.

For Serial Printer
Devices: Enter URI
Enter Device URI: serial:/dev/ttyS0 (or serial:/dev/ttyUSB0, etc)

For USB serial, issue the command:

dmesg |grep tty
    Insufficient permissions

fix: This command grants the logged in user write permission to all serial ports:

sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER;
    Note: 12.04 users may also need to remove [ModeManager]( due to a specific bug, ttylUSB devices don't seem writable by CUPS, so try:


Click Forward
Driver: Select printer from Database > Generic > Forward
Models: Raw Queue
Drivers: Generic Raw Queue > Forward

Note: Some print drivers, such as Zebra ZDesigner or CUPS Zebra driver have dual-mode drivers capable of accepting Raw commands as well as PostScript commands. If Raw printing works with the vendor supplied driver, chose that over the Generic/Raw driver.

Printer Name: (ie: zebra)
Description: Raw Zebra Printer
Location: Ubuntu PC

You may now print to your printer.
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I pasted the complete install from Zebra in case someone else need it in future. Model GX420d is a very popular model. I did not know how to paste the images in so pasted the path. Can someone fix that part.

I can follow some of this but not knowing Zorin/Linux will need help I am sure.

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I modified your post so that it correctly displays the images. Could you tell us the issue that you're having and how could we help you with it?

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The issue was the GX420d would not print. I followed her instructions and with a little guess which out of four models listed would work I chose ZPL. It prints the shipping label correctly but is only 2 11/16" x 3 15/16" and should be about 4" x 6". I will send her an email on how to enlarge the print out.
If anything was going to prevent an office switching to Z16 Pro it was the Zebra printer. I am delighted it looks like the switch will be coming sooner than expected. WoW

Opened up the printer settings and changed the size to 4x6 works perfectly

I modified your op using markdown and adding space to make it more readable.

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