Front Audio Jack in not working

Hello! Anyone can please tell me why my front audio panel is not working when rear one is working perfectly. I also faced this problem in windows 11 but after some driver installation it's fixed.

It's showing only HDMI output, but my headphones are also plugged in.


Try fiddle with alsamixer and adjust/change so it fits your need:


Maybe the hardware is faulty, but consider upgrading to the latest drivers first and then check if it works via alsamixer.

I think it's not working in my case.

I don't think so, bcz it's working perfectly in Windows 11 Pro.

If you look at the picture, you can scroll to the right (use the arrow keys) for more options.

Here is the screenshot :

You need to reconfigure your pin to enable sound. I had to do the same with my laptop.

Just a side comment here. When I was working, I sometimes had to prepare audio books and Windows 7 on school network meant only rear jacks worked and not the front, and Music Department had the same issue which the IT Technicians could not figure out why. Let's not forget that most hardware has been designed for use with that other OS not GNU/Linux for which a lot of unpaid volunteers have had to reverse engineer to get hardware to work with GNU/Linux.

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In alsamixer have you tried playing with Loopback and Auto-Mute settings.
Also play with other channels by Unmuting each by typing M and increase the level.
Sound issues are somewhat hit and miss, by playing with alsamixer you may stumble on a fix.

On front can be used small dac USB.

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