Fuji Xerox 405d Printers says it printed but it didn't


Have a Xerox Docuprint CP405d printer and it is installed on a LAN and working.

I tried to print a text file and it said it was printing then said it had completed but it didn't get to the printer which is next to me.
I checked the Lists and it is there as supposedly being printed.
Where do i go from here to get it working please?

Have you installed the driver?

Are you sure it is not a Fuji Docu Print printer? Driver here:


Many thanks. I downloaded the file but not sure how to install the rpm or gz files.

It found the printer but when I install it, it searched for the drivers but then said, Failed to install printer.


All okay. Working now. Just needed a reboot. Many thanks

As @swarfendor437 taught me, you can convert .rpm files to .deb files using alien

sudo apt install alien

Then, convert:

alien example.rpm example.deb

Thank you

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