Fujixerox Docuprint CM225 error 077 091 paper jammed but there is no jammed paper?

hello, im a newbie in this forum, also newbie bout Fujixerox printer

so i have this fujixerox docuprint CM225 fw in my new office,
after booting, i have error 077 091 paper jammed, but when i checked it no paper was jammed inside the printer, i dont know if small pieces of paper still inside, but if i looked from the outside, printer was clear and ready for printing.

does anybody know how to fix this ?
thanks a lot

It shows you what you need to do. There is a piece of paper further down in the printer. You slide the drawer out and may have to remove the front rollers to access the jammed paper. It may have been a piece that was printing and power disconnected. Either way, it is in position that doesn't offer a feed option.

i dont know how to disassembly this thing, do you have any some sort of documentation how to properly disassembly this printer ?

It should be included with the printer, how to clear paper jams. Did you keep the documentation for the printer? If not, go to hp website and download the manuals for your model. Each one is different, some require the removal of screws, others have a lever that releases the rollers, it depends on the model and manufacturer.

Yes. Can clearly see a paper blockage in your photo. See attached.
As others have mentioned, follow instuctions on printer to open and remove it carefully.

Tweezers or pliers may be helpful in grabbing the folded page.

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