Full Disk Encryption

When installing Zorin I choose to use LUKS Full Disk Encryption on my drive. Therefore my whole drive is encrypted and only accessible with the password.

In the process of doing so I was asked if I want to store another key on the live USB I used to install.

I do not have the keyfile any more. Is there a way to generate a new one or get the the second key that was generated?

I do have all passwords (full disk encryption + root) so I can use Zorin as it is.

You should be able to with cryptsetup luksAddKey. Let me see if I can find a more in-depth guide to start this off with...

This one is clear and simple, but dates to 2014. I reviewed it and it should work just fine, but please post if you have any trouble:

Some of the newer guides have the same info but complicate relaying that information more than necessary...

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Only problem is that there are two keys. And if I delete one I might be in the situation that I have to provide the backup key that was generated. I do not have that.

Is there a way to find out if key 0 or key 1 is the one I am using for decrypting and starting Zorin?

How did you end up with two keys?

When setting up Zorin I clicked on full disk encryption and there was a question weather I want to have a second key as a backup.

I am confused... I thought earlier you had said you had not done so. I must have assumed that was what you meant.
Ok, so you did select that, but then something, alien abductions... that USB flash stick no longer contains that data?

Yes. I formatted the flash drive where the second key was lying :smiley:

After formatting I noticed that there was something important I forgot on the drive lol

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That is why after my first run of LUKS full encryption, I never did that again...

Ummm... I am not sure, actually. I would think key0 would be the initial and key1 would be the backup...

Its like playing the lottery :smiley: I might try it after fixing other problems and make a clean installation

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Don't know if this is any good or a trap to pay for software:

The command line tool (DOS):


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